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Welcome to Carnivore Grill

The famous Cairns Steakhouse located in the Iconic Cairns Pub, the Cock & Bull. Established in 1988, Carnivore Grill is famous for “Beasts of Feasts” – you won’t leave hungry! Enjoy top notch steaks, wings, chops, ribs, crocodile and kangaroo. Flocking with many tourists and locals alike, pop in and enjoy Cairns best steakhouse!

Carnivore Menu Cock n Bull

New York 350gm Sirloin                                                            $39.90

Superb 350g T Bone                                                                   $39.90

Splendid 350g Rib Fillet                                                            $42.90

Giant 500g Rump                                                                       $42.90

Steak Toppers – Garlic Prawns or House Made Calamari Rings: $6.50

Full rack BBQ Spare Ribs cock n bull
fries and beer cock n bull
chicken and fries cock n bulls carnivore grill

Ribs, Wings & Mixed Grill

Full Rack BBQ Pork Spare Ribs                                               $45.90

Pork Loin Chops                                                                          $36.90

One Kilo of Chicken Wings and Chips                                  $26.90

House Smoked or Fried.
Two choices of sauce on the side (smokey BBQ, hot chili or sweet chili)

Carnivore Mixed Grill                                                                  $42.90

200g Rump (Qld MSA, grain fed 100 day+), lamb chop, snags, smokey bacon, grilled tomato and hash brown

Full rack BBQ Spare Ribs cock n bull
chicken-wings-smoked cock n bull
fillet cock n bull

A Beast of a Feast! Aussie Game

Prime Lean Kangaroo Fillet                                                $33.90

Tasty Crocodile Schnitzel                                                     $34.90

Big Game! Roo & Croc Combo                                           $36.90

croc-and-roo-combo cock n bull

Carnivore meals served with chips & salad or mash & vegies, a bread roll, and includes plain gravy, mushroom, pepper or diane gravy.


Skippy & Babe: You’ve read the book, seen the movie, now eat the cast!

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