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Cairns Game Fishing Club

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Cairns Game Fishing Club

The Cairns Game Fishing Club continues to carry on its proud tradition of welcoming members and visitors from around Australia and around the world for convivial hospitality in a relaxed, tropical atmosphere.

It’s where you can share a cold drink and great value meals, talk fishing and meet the world-class skippers and deckies of Cairns’ game-fishing fraternity.

The Club displays an amazing collection of full size fish mounts, tournament trophies, rods, reels, Australian and world records, paintings, prints and photographs featuring magic moments in Cairns’ gamefishing history.

If you’re looking to fish with our famous charter fleet of game boats and marlin boats, we can direct you to the best value with proven vessels and excellent crews and results. Contact us to discuss!

Our Club offers an extensive range of merchandise and souvenirs including t-shirts, caps, flags, pennants, windbreakers and pillowslips – the ultimate novelty gift and aphrodisiac!!!

The Cairns Game Fishing Club occupies its own deck space within the Cock & Bull Hotel, and is located only 2 minutes drive from the Cairns Marina. We welcome your enquiries and look forward to showing you some warm hospitality when you visit us!