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Barra Bar

The Barra Bar at Cock & Bull Cairns is a haven for anglers and beer enthusiasts alike.

Named in honor of the legendary Australian Barramundi game fishing club, this bar offers a unique and immersive experience.

The walls are adorned with numerous fiberglass mounts of big Barramundis over 1,20+cm, capturing the spirit of the ultimate angler’s dream to land a meter-plus Barra.

The Barramundi anglers dream is to land that metre+ Barra!

Come on in and meet anglers alike over a cold beer.

Come on in and meet like-minded fishing enthusiasts over a cold beer. The Barra Bar boasts an impressive selection of draught beers ready to pour, including:

  • Shark Pale Ale;
  • Marlin Pilsner;
  • Croc 6x Ale;
  • Boars Best Bitter;
  • Roo Brew Cider;
  • & Taipan Guest Beer.

These beers are the pride of our Australian Drinking Team, adding a fun and competitive edge to your visit. For those looking forward to new tastes.

Cock n Bull Aussie Drinking Team

A Unique Atmosphere

The decor of the Barra Bar is inspired by the rich history and stories of Barramundi game fishing.
Guests can marvel at the real-size Barramundi displays and various pictures that celebrate the sport.

This creates an atmosphere that is both engaging and educational, making it a perfect spot for both casual visitors and avid anglers.

Perfect for Celebrations

Explore our versatile room, ideal for hosting large birthday parties or special events. With seating available for 8 to 50 guests, the Barra Bar offers ample space for your celebration.
Best of all, room hire is complimentary, making it convenient and cost-effective to plan your next memorable event with us.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just gathering with friends, the Barra Bar provides a unique and welcoming environment.

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Visit the Barra Bar Today

Join us at Cock & Bull Cairns’ Barra Bar, located at 6 Grove Street, for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a drink from our extensive beer selection, soak in the unique atmosphere, and share stories with fellow anglers.

We look forward to welcoming you and making your visit special.